System Notes

March 29, 2010

As mentioned in my first post, I often write memos to help me and (secondarily) my colleagues better understand an algorithm, design, or design rational.  In this I’ve been inspired by the amazing example of Edsgar Dijkstra and his “EWDs.”

While these memos are typically short, they are often at least a couple of pages in length.  In my opinion, this is too long for a blog post, which should be a few short paragraphs easy to read while standing in line for coffee.  So I created a Web site,, to host these longer memos.  When I post memos over there, I’ll post a summary here in this blog, along with a link so those interested can read the entire note.

To kick sysnotes off, I’ve posted SN-0, “An Introduction to System Notes.” This introductory note describes the motivation for sysnotes a little deeper.  It also encourages other system builders to submit their own notes for publication.  So please pile on!

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